ROES Packages Add-on Module
The ROES Packages Add-on Module allows for creation of user defined groups of products that can be ordered at one time, yet be printed as separate products at the lab.  These can be simple groups of a few products with the same image linked amongst them, such as school portrait packages, or a cluster of products set in a pattern as wall art (like 9 5x5 prints in 3 rows of 3 with different images in each, 3 10x10 prints with a single image spanned across them to make a 30x10 panoramic split, or an 8x10 layered over the top of a 12x18 for a metal over metal product.  Designs created can be saved into the Favorites area for future use.  For a PDF guide on the Packages Suite, please click here.
A video detailing the basic Packages use can be seen here.   A video detailing the cluster and span use can be seen here.