ROES Client Troubleshooting
Install/Launch Failures
The ROES Client may fail to install or launch on occasion.  The causes can vary based on operating system, lab products list, Java version installed, or other factors external to your system such as company firewalls. 
For more in depth information, choose your operating system:
Windows PC users click here
Mac/OS X users click here
System Recommendations:

ROES can install and run on Windows XP and higher, both 32 and 64 bit editions, and on current versions of OS X (10.8 and later).  As we offer native installations for both systems, Java does not need to be installed.  Note: Windows XP is no longer officially supported by Microsoft and is considered not secure.

A few quick tips:

  • If prompted to accept the desktop icon, please do so and you can easily find your lab's ROES again.
  • Be sure to enter in all your information in the first window that opens, if fields are present.
  • After clicking the Folder... or Add Images buttons to put images in the thumbnail area, do not try to choose images as they may be grayed out, select the folder that contains them. In a pinch, you can always drag images in from a Computer or Finder window directly into ROES products.
  • Images added into the thumbs area appear split into their specific folders. If you select a parent folder and it then shows too many sub-folders, hold the ALT (OPT on Mac) key while clicking the first X and it will clear all the image folders from the pane. In the Home/Start pane there are preferences and you can select to not search enclosed folders to prevent this in the future.
  • Be sure you do not rename or move the images once they are added to your order. The images are not collected into the ROES order file until time of completion, so removing a CD or sd card can cause a failure.
  • Never try to launch more than one of the same ROES at a time. You can begin a new order in the same session while the recent one is transmitting in the background.
  • Remember to exit ROES when you are done. At startup the next time ROES will look for the most current version and products list from your lab.