ROES ROPack Utility
The ROES ROPack Tool is a Java application that can be used to unpack ROES .ro order files for edits if needed.  If Java is installed on the system, the ROPack can be installed/launched from  A video on usage can be found here.  The launch will create a desktop icon for future use.  Once executed, the ROPack presents this screen: 
In order to use the ROPack, you must enter your encryption/order file password into the field at the bottom:
Once the password is entered, you can take a ROES order file (.ro) and drag it onto the ROPack interface:
When finished unpacking the order, a message will appear:
For larger orders this message may take a while to display.  After clicking OK, a new folder will appear in the directory where the .ro file sits.  You can then drill into this folder to make changes to files such hast e order.xml, order...pof file, or look at images in the order and possibly replace them with new ones from the customer.
The ROPack also hast he ability to show the order file contents for smaller unpacks/checks.  Use the drop down menu, which defaults to Expand Immediately, to select Open in Editor:
Dragging and dropping a .ro file will result in a window showing all the file contents and 3 buttons for choosing actions:
The 3 buttons are as follows:
Extract All - same as Expand Immediately function.
Once unpacked and files are replaced or edited, you will want to repack the ro file for processing.  To do so, go up to the original top level folder the order unpacked to (so you no longer see the files and folders the order contains).  Click and drag the file onto the ROPack window to create the new file.  If you want to retain the full original ro file, simply rename it beforehand, such as adding a prefix of orig_ as shown below.
Extract Selected with Hierarchy - Unpacks selected items in their folder hierarchy if applicable.
Extract Selected - Unpack only desired files, such as a few images or just the order.xml and pof files. 
Once the order packs back up you will receive this alert and a new ro file will appear (for larger orders this may take some time).